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DC delivers Twenty six successful appointments in 4 weeks – 100% acceptance

Joanna March 4th, 2014
By Joanna

Case Study - Speciality Chemical Business

"Twenty six successful appointments achieved in 4 weeks – 100% acceptance"

Provision of "turnkey" sourcing and hiring facility for manning an extra shift with support personnel (a total of 24 positions across varied disciplines) to double output at a U.K. site of a 13.9 billion Euro global chemicals business. Incorporating administration of Corporate Aptitude Tests and Health & Criminal Declaration forms, along with collation of referee nominations and substantiation of passport, driving Licence and additional role specific certifications.

Concluded from retention to completion in just over 3 weeks.

Based on success of first programme, repeat request from organisation eight months later to address unprecedented customer demand and skills upgrade across all disciplines from shop floor to middle management.

The recruiting manager commented:

"I would highly recommend consultation with this organisation before any hiring decisions are made - not only were the necessary people sourced, but interviewed in person, health declarations and references signed, and aptitude test administered on our behalf, full notations ready for line managers at interview stage which were co-ordinated with precision.

The outcome was 100% appointments in all positions within a four week period .... the ultimate outsourcing experience for volume recruitment.

The positive impact on the existing team was immeasurable, as was the ability to embark on our corporate expansion objectives without delay or problematic issues."

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