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Executive appointments: Being flexible for meetings will contribute towards your application

Lee April 6th, 2011
By Lee

However companies cannot afford to allow a recruitment process to stretch out too long and therefore at that start of a given project, a timescale is usually set by the recruiting company.  In the case of a manufacturing company for example, often the absence of a senior executive can dramatically affect the speed of introduction of a new product line or the successful reduction in costs within a specific part of the manufacturing process that is very inefficient. Essentially, the appointment of a senior executive can literally be the difference between making a profit or a loss.

Typically when looking to make an executive appointment, companies will often utilise the services of an executive recruitment firm and in turn pass on the project timescales.  These constraints will then directly affect the timescales potential candidates are asked to work to. Sometimes candidates who work with executive recruiters for the first time often find that the speed of the process takes them by surprise i.e. in some instances the first stage interview with the recruitment consultant and then second stage interview with client often takes place within one week!

It is therefore worth bearing in mind that to be sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity, you will have to be flexible in order to work through the various parts of the recruitment process that have been set by the client.   Being available for meetings is a key part of the process and being flexible enough to accommodate interviews at short notice will count as a positive step towards your application.
Working to such tight timescales can however cause problems for those already in a high profile position that demands total commitment, particularly so for those who want their job search to remain confidential.  It is therefore recommended that you don’t apply for too many executive appointments at once as you’re more than likely you won’t be able to accommodate each and every one of them.

Dudley Child is an Executive Recruitment business operating within the Manufacturing and Engineering industry. We have a wealth of experience in running executive recruitment projects for organisations on a National and International basis. You can make contact with one of our consultants on 0113 246 8882 or by email

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